About us

Visit us to enjoy a unique Thai massage you will fall in love with. Our salons in Prague have a pleasant atmosphere and scent of far Asia. Thai massage includes a range of enriching techniques for all your body. It is a unique system of special traditional massage techniques based on pressing individual energy paths spots on your body. It is a technique of massaging oil into muscles. During the massage you will only relax. In our centres you can enjoy the magic of Thai massage and exotic atmosphere in double rooms. Svatý Kříž s.r.o. has been running RELAX CENTRUM - Koněvova in Prague since 2004. After a few years another branch in Národní Třída 17 was open in 2008. In 2012 we opened a branch in a beautiful hotel Lindner in Prague 6. We have a long history, which is why the massages we offer are performed by professional Thai masseuses with many years of experience. Customers can choose a suitable massage from a wide range of massages. You can also choose some of many packages. Enjoy a pleasing relaxation experience in our centres.


  • relaxation
  • great for your skin
  • improves cure
  • eases chronic pain
  • reduces fatigue, stress, anxiety and tension
  • increases physical flexibility
  • for better sleeping
  • increases concentration
  • decreases blood pressure
  • enhances body and mind balance
  • connects inner strength and spirituality

Come to enjoy a Thai massage which became a healing art already in ancient times. In our centres you can choose from various kinds of massages.